Five Ways to Boost Your Confidence 

pexels-photo-1146352These days, in the age of social media and comparison, it can feel really easy to wonder if you really measure up. Confidence can be a tricky thing, but I believe it can be something you actually work on in your everyday life! Practicing confidence can be done, and like anything you do often, it can become a habit. You can be well on your way to a better, stronger version of you, which translates well into all areas of a healthy, happy life. Here are five ways to boost your inner beauty today:

  1. Get healthy: Exercising and eating healthy creates endorphins which boost your mood and your spirits. Good health also improves your skin, your teeth, and your hair, which can boost your confidence in your outer appearance, but with a lower risk of depression and sickness, you’ll also feel great on the inside. Some ways you can start improving your health right now are: drinking lots of water (add a lemon or a lime to improve the taste), walking a few miles every other day, and cutting out excess sugar (it’s hidden in things like drive-thru coffee and even spaghetti sauce!). Your body will thank you, and you will start to feel more energy and in turn, more confidence!
  2. Stop the social media cycle: Staring at our phones can make us feel distracted and unworthy. Make time to unplug each week, whether it’s the whole weekend or just a few hours a day, and turn your phone off. You can also set time limits on most apps if you have an Iphone, and view your screen time report each week. By setting limits on apps like Instagram and Facebook, you will begin to be more aware of the way social media effects your mood and your self-worth. Unfollow anyone that makes you feel “less-than”, and make your circle of influence smaller and more authentic!
  3. Give back: Giving generously of your time and energy is a great way to boost your own self confidence. It sounds counterintuitive, but you will find that investing in other people and their needs will make you feel less insecure about your appearance or your abilities. Consider working as a mentor with a Big Brother/Big Sister program, or volunteer to be a reading buddy at a local elementary school. If you don’t have time to volunteer regularly, consider helping a family you may know who has special needs or foster children and who may need an extra hand during the week. They may appreciate having errands run, or hiring a babysitter. 
  4. Set aside time some spare time: Whether you exercise or simply have a spa day, time for yourself is a great way to reduce your stress and feel better about your life and circumstances. Consider a manicure or pedicure, and bring along a friend for company and some good conversation. If you are on a tight budget, something as simple as a bath bomb and a good book or podcast can really help you remember to relax. 
  5. Work on realistic lists and goals: Completing tasks can be a great way to boost your confidence and feel efficient. Making to-do lists of things you need to get done is a good way to start, and can be as simple as listing out homework or household assignments. If you are tech savvy, you can make a list and check off tasks right on your smartphone, which makes it handy and accessible on the go. If you have a write on-wipe off marker, you can write inspirational quotes on your bathroom mirror, along with the list of things you need to accomplish, to start your day off in a positive manner. 

By exercising the “muscle” of confidence and practicing good, healthy habits, you will notice improvement in your everyday ability to handle stress and difficulties! Another great way to boost your self confidence is with senior photos. The senior photo experience can give you something tangible, as well as meaningful…a reminder of how special you are!

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