Sydney | Rouse High School

Miss Sydney is one of those magnetic personalities: the kind that really draws you in and makes you wonder what exactly makes them so very special! Sydney is part of the Class of 2019 from Rouse High School, and is also an accomplished soccer player. She will be attending Oklahoma University after her commencement, and will also be playing soccer there as well. We did her session downtown, in order to capture colors and textures that would highlight her very spunky, fun spirit! I think we did just that; her outfits were also amazing. She brought a mix of traditional, polished pieces like her lacey black dress and nude cage heels, and a few eclectic ones like her striped romper and fun block shoes. I loved finding the best nooks and crannies downtown for each outfit.

If you haven’t already heard, we are currently looking for our 2020 model team. Among other amazing perks, you will receive a custom senior session, exclusive savings, and a complimentary family shoot! Our model team is comprised of girls and guys from all walks of life and who represent the very best among our local students. We would love to work with you. If you’d rather not be part of the senior model team, you can also just schedule a regular shoot (although you’d miss out on all the fun perks!) to mark the end of your high school years. Our customized senior experiences start at just $300 as your session fee, and are fully tailored to you! If you’re interested in what that entails, you can also view our portfolio, in order to see inspiration for poses, outfits, and styling.

Contact us today!


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