Want to join our Model Team?

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What is the best part of senior year? Maybe it’s homecoming, prom, or beginning to find the college of your dreams. But we believe there is one very special component you shouldn’t overlook: your senior photos. Even if you are not big into photoshoots, or you think senior photos are just keepsakes for your parents, we think our model team opportunity may just change your mind! It’s not just about photos; it’s about the special moments that make up your senior year, and the celebration of all you’ve accomplished to this point. (To see some of our fun highlights with our recent model team, you can check us out on Instagram)


As a member of our model team, you will be the trendsetter in your group of friends! Your senior photos will be the ones they will ooh and aah over, and they will make your parents so happy (and even shed a few tears!). Here at CHP, we also research and practice the latest trends, so that we can give you the very best available in quality senior portraits…no need to worry if you will have the same ones as everyone else in your graduating class.


Our model team is filled with girls and guys from all walks of life, and from different backgrounds. We love introducing you to each other, and helping build brand new friendships as you all experience the many perks to being part of the team:

-An amazing senior portrait experience unlike any other!

-A custom session tailored just to you and your interests
-Fashion forward stylized sessions
-Promotional shoots 
-Exclusive access to our curated senior style closet!
-Savings for your parents!
-A complimentary family session


Besides these incredible things, there are also amazing freebies, and the fun events we plan through the year!

Apply today!

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