4 Tips for Cold Weather Senior Sessions

Source Pexels

There’s something wonderfully peaceful about the cold. People move about a bit slower, fireplaces are ablaze, and the holidays are just about here. That’s not even counting the white blanket that blesses (or for some, curses) us in the wintertime, chilling the air with ice crystals and quieting all the wildlife. But to think of having your senior session out in the cold… that’s crazy, right? While the sessions will be shorter due to the cold, and you’ll have bundle up, it is possible, and sometimes you’ll come away with better pictures than you would have gotten in any other season. Here are my tips for doing it!

Take a deep, cold breath, and relax The cold has a way of tightening you up and making you look stiff. For your senior pictures, you want to go for a fun, relaxed look fitting to your own unique personality, and if it’s out in the cold, you’re going to have to focus hard and make up your mind to relax. For those who live in places where the cold is long and hard, this is a no-brainer, and a regular aspect of their lives. To get senior pictures that accurately capture you, even out in the cold, it’ll take some work – but it’s well worth the effort.

Tap into your inner planner – When you’re dealing with the cold, you’re going to want to plan ahead. This is especially true for a senior session out in the chill, when there’s a chance for blue lips and numb toes. You will have to work with your photographer to figure out exactly where the photos should be taken, and when; doing this will ensure that, if you need to, you can plan out where you’ll be warming up if you’ll be outdoors for a while. If you want pictures out in the snow, for example, you should have a warm car running while you pose, so that you can hop in after a few minutes to keep yourself nice and toasty.

Pile on the layers and colors – This is where cold weather sessions have an advantage over other seasons. The ability to layer and dress in cozy clothes is the staple of fall and winter sessions, because you can play around with so many different textures and colors. This does mean that you need to skip the big coat, but you can make up for the lost warmth with the layers that you replace it with. This is where you can get creative, and play around with colors that compliment your own style.

Take advantage of overcast days – Every season has its own unique atmosphere. It can be pretty basic: spring has lots of greens, summer is warm and sunny, fall has the gorgeous trees, and winter has the peaceful snow. But there’s something special that the colder weather has that other seasons usually don’t, and that’s a large amount of cloudy days. Clouds are often the perfect thing for a senior session, because they diffuse the sun’s light and make for a lovely, soft lighting situation. This can create an amazing atmosphere in your senior photos, and there won’t be any uneven light or harsh shadows to worry about. So take your freedom and run with it!

If you’ve been thinking about having your senior session in the cold weather, I hope that this got you off the fence and out into the peaceful chill. Your photos will be unique, and have their own special feel that other senior sessions won’t have. So take the plunge this year, and capture some of your favorite memories.

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