Emilie | Austin Texas Senior Photographer

How do you make sure your personality is included in your senior session? This is a question that many seniors ask. They are worried that their session may be too similar to a friend or family member, or that someone at their school will have the same location or posing. I totally understand, and in the portrait industry, it’s something called the unicorn effect: every senior wants something different, that suits their true personality and isn’t just a cookie cutter copy of everyone else. I love that the effect inspires the young people I meet to truly spread their wings and show off their passions and their smiles and their excitement, and I love that it pushes me to become better with every shoot. So, how do I do that? For starters, I do my research. I have several go-to locations, that I rotate and use for who they may suit best, and I’m always scouting for new ones and listening for new ideas. Secondly, I help my seniors curate their wardrobes and outfits to make sure they fit properly, show off their personal style, and look great with the locations we will be working in. Lastly, I get to know each one on a personal level, which means if I know YOU, I know how to highlight the things that make you special.

Emilie is from Rouse High School, and as you can see, she exemplifies such a fun, spunky personal style. She wanted portrait that showed off her smile and her vibrant personality, and these were a smashing success. She has been involved in cheer in her high school years, so her jacket is a special memento. I truly enjoyed meeting her and her mom, and hearing about her exciting future. They both shared afterwards that they were  “amazed at the experience, the images, and we loved every minute!” Some of my favorite images were the ones by the water’s edge with her lacy crop top and flowing tulle skirt…they made such an elegant portrait! Emilie, you are a delight, a beautiful young woman, and your confidence is inspiring.

Photo Oct 29, 7 25 39 PMPhoto Oct 29, 7 54 34 PMPhoto Oct 29, 8 15 28 PMPhoto Oct 29, 9 42 57 PMPhoto Oct 29, 9 52 47 PMPhoto Oct 29, 10 07 22 PMPhoto Oct 29, 10 08 16 PMPhoto Oct 29, 10 19 25 PMPhoto Oct 29, 10 20 49 PM

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