Kennedi | Class of 2019 Senior

The things a senior values speak volumes about their heart. I always want to find out what my clients are passionate about, and what makes them tick, because it shows me so much about who they are. Kennedi is one of those types of young people whose heart is always angled towards others and helping them. She lights up when she talks about her love of missions, and the people she has met in Africa. This beautiful senior attends Hyde Park Baptist School, where she has gained a quiet confidence and accomplished many things. If I were to describe her, I’d say she is both graceful and easy-going, and I knew right away that I wanted to capture her soft elegance in our time together. South Congress in Austin and the State Capital building were the ideal settings for her stylish shoot. South Congress is rich with history and boasts some amazing and vibrant neighborhoods; it is located just south of Lady Bird Lake, and is a fan favorite here in Austin, Texas. Kennedi brought along a mix of casual and dressy outfits, and the lighting was really beautiful inside for her more formal attire. I love anything with strong architectural details, like that amazing staircase!

Getting to know each client is truly important to me. It lies at the heart of what I do as a photographer, because my goal is to not only document the senior year authentically, but also to do so while staying true to their personality. I never want a client to feel like they were photographed as someone they weren’t, because those would never be images they want to look back on. For Kennedi, I wanted to make sure her joyful spirit and kind, humble heart were brought front and center, and I think we were able to do just that. Kennedi, I have no doubt you are poised to do some great things in the world. I hope you never lose your love for others across the world, and never lose sight of your goals and aspirations to serve.

How do you get started with a senior session like this one? You reach out and begin the booking process with your personal consultation HERE. We recommend doing so about a month or more before your desired timeframe, so that we can find your ideal date!


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