Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

This post is for you. You may be reading this, crying in the bathroom because this senior year business is full of emotions. You may be wishing it would pass more quickly, and that you can wade through the messes of paperwork and applications. You may be wishing it would pass more slowly; in disbelief because you can’t imagine that the young person standing before you is about to embark into the world on their own. You remember their first day of kindergarten, and now it’s senior year. You are wondering how to juggle finances, and how to pay for just one more thing. You may be excited for senior portraits, or you may have just realized it’s about time to schedule that photo session.

I have met moms from every walk of life imaginable in my time as a senior photographer, and I cannot stress this enough: No matter what big feelings you have (and you will have a lot!), please know that your child’s senior photo session will mean more to you than you may realize now. THESE will be the photos that you will look back on in the months and years to come. They may be the last professional portraits your child has taken before their wedding day (yes, it’s true!), and they celebrate all the time that you and your child have invested in their high school years. Because I know that you have been the one quietly behind the scenes, making lunches, helping with homework late into the night (you too, dads), and driving to and from soccer practices and piano lessons, and football games. You’ve been cheering them on, in your own way and behind the scenes.

Here at CHP, we make it easier than you may think. We help you by planning out and designing a custom shoot that focuses on your child’s individual passions and personal style. We make sure they get to include the things they love, like their car, instrument or sports equipment. We make sure they look and feel their best with our consultations and our posing help and guidance. We will walk you through everything step by step, from booking info to fee payments, to handing over those stunning images. I promise it’s not as complicated as you may think; and it truly becomes a treasured memory for the clients we work with.

So, these senior portraits? They’re not just for your amazing, capable high school graduate. They are also for you. So mom, treasure this time. Savor the person you’ve raised, and be sure to book a senior photography shoot to celebrate all you’ve done…together.

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