Introducing my 2019 Model Team!

I am thrilled to introduce the amazing young people who make up my 2019 Model Team! Having a model team is something that was really important to me, because I wanted to find a group of young people who were chasing their dreams and who were passionate about the things I believe in: compassion, kindness, and serving others. I have found that in these amazing seniors below! They hail from four different schools: Cedar Park, Vista Ridge, Westlake and Rouse, and I hope their schools are so proud, because they are the highest caliber of high schoolers. All of them care deeply, laugh lots, and look out for one another, and they all have vibrant personalities. That’s why I wanted to do something non-traditional for this first shoot; so we opted for the studio, where personalities can truly shine.

As you know, Texas is blazing hot during the summer, and a heatwave is not the best environment to enjoy a photoshoot! We decided to do this studio session with a fashion forward bend, with an edgy and fun look. I encouraged each model to express her own personal style, and we achieved something that was not your typical senior group shoot; a super chic style that evoked thoughts of Urban Outfitters or TopShop. I’m so proud to be working with these seniors, and can’t wait to share more as our time together continues!

Did this stylized session make you start dreaming of your own? If you’re a high schooler (or the parent of one), now is the time to begin thinking about what you may want to do that will set you apart from your friends. We customize every session based on preferences, style, and even ideas you’ve been dreaming up for years (yes, some senior really have been!), and we offer tailored help to get your wardrobe and locations squared away to bring your dream to life. All of our exclusive senior sessions also come with professional hair and makeup to give you a polished look, like the ones below! Without further ado, here is my 2019 senior team!


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