Ashley | Senior Photographer in Austin, Texas

People with passion are meant to change the world. Ashley has that passion, and she’s already making her mark! She’s graduating from Hill Country Bible Christian School, and she aspires to put her entrepreneurial spirit to good use, with her love for all things makeup. She plans on opening her own business one day, and I think that she’ll see great success in it! We wanted to capture her passions in her senior session, so we made sure to include her in her cheerleader outfit. She loves being on her squad at school, and I’m sure she’ll always remember the memories she’s made with them, as well as the skillset and drive the sport has given her.

One of my favorite things in this shoot is Ashley’s sweet personality. Not only did it make the day a wonderful one, but it permeates every picture in her session. Her smile really brightened the day, and gave it an unmistakable charm that only Ashley could! We wanted a good variety to the session, so we included a number of locations, ranging from out in town to being surrounded by beautiful nature. You’ll see one of my favorite photos down towards the bottom, where Ashley is peering into the pond. The reflection is gorgeous, and it makes me think about the wonderful times I’ve spent sitting in self-reflection out in the prettiest woodsy spots. I love how you can hardly tell where reality meets water, and the picture is made all the better with Ashley as its focus.

All in all, we spent a great day getting to know each other, and the photos that came out of the session really reflect that! Ashley is a remarkable young woman who will go far in the world. I admire her character, and am inspired by her zeal to put her passion to use, doing what she loves to. I can’t wait to see where she ends up!

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