How to Get Started on Senior Year…Right Now! | Austin, Texas Senior Photographer

If your senior summer has just started, or if you’re a junior, you may be thinking that you have plenty of time to begin preparing for that amazing senior year. You may be thinking that it’s so far away, that you should focus on the here and now. You’re definitely right….summertime and the amazing memories you will make during it are incredibly important, and should be enjoyed. But, there are also so many things that you can do to ease the stress and obstacles of senior year, and you can do them early on! Here are five things you can do this summer or early in the school year, that will prepare you for success during that amazing last year of high school:

  1. You can find a mentor who cares about you: If you have supportive parents or a loving guardian, you may feel like you are already well-supported, and that’s awesome! For some of you, a mentor may be that extra person in your life who can help you when you feel stretched too thin. A mentor can be a teacher, a friend, or even a recent graduate, who can offer emotional support and a listening ear. Putting this in place before you start your last year can help protect you from mental strain and isolation before it happens.
  2. You can peek ahead at deadlines, scholarship applications, and put them in your planner: Even if some of these deadlines may later move, it’s really smart to get a paper or digital planner and begin penciling them in. Some other important dates would be FAFSA deadlines for college, any college visits, and when your senior project is due (if that’s something your school requires). If you’re wondering about when these might happen, you can usually look at a school calendar from the year before on most school websites. Here is a really great example of a paper planner, too!
  3. You can save money and create a budget: Making a list of items you may need for college, and how much you should allocate for books, dorm life, sports equipment, or travel is really wise. It also allows you to divide a larger amount into small chunks that you can save monthly or quarterly. For example, if you estimate you need about $3000 apart from parent help or scholarships/financial aid, you can aim to save $300 a month for ten months instead of struggling to save $3000 in just a few months before college.
  4. You can exercise and learn to cook: There is a reason the “freshman fifteen” is so prevalent among new college attendees; the combination of late nights, stress, studying, and cafeteria style food (or fast food) can really take a toll on your health and your body. Exercising is beneficial for everyone, and getting into the habit before you head off to college, is a great discipline to start. Learning to cook can benefit your health, and also stretch your brain to learn a new skill! Try out Mealime, which is a free app that helps you meal plan, cook healthy portions, and shop ahead. You can even input special dietary restrictions, which gives you recipes that you can enjoy without sorting through them yourself.
  5. You can help incoming freshman: Wondering how this will help your own senior year? Well, first of all, it never hurts to help someone else :), and you can put things like buddy club or being a “big brother or big sister” mentor on your resume and applications, but most of all, it will get your mind of yourself. Volunteer work is important, and can really aid younger students by having someone to look up to. Lastly, the accountability of being a role model can improve your own motivation and drive, and keep you on track.

These five things can get you started on the senior year you’ve dreamed of: one that is stress-free, productive, organized, and meaningful. If senior photos aren’t something you’ve already checked of your personal list, please contact us. We specialize in modern, heirloom quality portraits that will last a lifetime! 

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