Jaide -Class of 2018 -Austin TX Photographer


I love meeting unique people. People who want to be different than everybody else, and who love being that way. Jaide is one of those wonderful people, and you can tell from her attitude that she’s set on paving her own way. It’s so great to see that sort of confidence in someone, and she was an absolute joy to work with! From the get-go, she wanted her photos to be different than anything she’s seen or done before, and I think we really accomplished that in the session. She has a great style, and wanted to go downtown and get an editorial look for the shoot. We went down to Austin’s Sekrit Theatre, a very popular destination with my clients, and we had the session in some of the most colorful spots we could find.

Tailored sessions are some of my favorites, especially because I’m crafting it to fit who someone is, and Jaide’s session is a perfect example of this. The versatility of the location was fantastic, and they even had a funky bus on-site that fit Jaide’s style perfectly. She wanted diversity in her session, not only in the location, but also in the look and feel of the photos, and it was such a fun time making that happen. Her style is a big thing that sets her apart, so she brought a range of outfits that were perfect for the parts of downtown that we visited. I love it whenever I see the ever-popular tulle skirt, and Jaide looks just as at home in it, as she does in her urban or boho inspired outfits. She has an exceptional eye for color and fashion, which was a joy to capture.

Capturing who Jaide is, though, is what I was most passionate about, and it’s my favorite part of the job with every session that I do. It’s so important to me to capture the essence of a person, because it’s important to be true to ourselves. Jaide knows this deeply, and confidently lives every day as who she chooses to be, and it’s truly beautiful. With her unique senior session, she has a gorgeous set of photos that reflect who she is to take with her wherever she goes next. I wish her all the best as she takes on life one adventure at a time!


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