Five Ways to Make Your Senior Photography Session Amazing!

Five Ways to Make Your Senior Photography Session Amazing!

I’ve met enough seniors over the years to know that the big senior shoot doesn’t come without a little anxiety. Yes, just about every senior is excited and ready to commemorate their huge milestone, but there are also tons of unanswered questions that can pop up during the process! I say “unanswered”, but hopefully my clients will feel so at ease on the day of their shoot, that they won’t have any questions left unaddressed! I wanted to share some of my best tips today on the blog; here are five ways to make sure your session is truly amazing:

  1. Think far, far ahead when it comes to wardrobe: I recommend shopping pretty far ahead for your senior shoot. There is nothing worse than scrambling to find items at the last minute. If you’re concerned about a weight fluctuation or things not fitting correctly, you can at least shop for basics like undergarments and shoes very early on. I also recommend shopping early and storing your receipts in a folder to make sure you don’t miss return windows when things don’t work out. I am always available to help guide your wardrobe choices, but shopping early means you’ll have more to choose from and it will spread out your purchases (easier on your wallet!).
  2. Prep your skin: Yes, this is a major must! Your skin makes a huge difference in your senior shoot, and can even effect the way your makeup adheres and stays put. I recommend gentle exfoliation a few times a week (clarisonic or similar cleansers help a ton with blackheads or breakouts), and a gentle, moisturizer free of parabens and sulfates. Drinking plenty of water also makes a big difference, and helps keep skin hydrated and glowing. It’s never too early to get into a great routine.
  3. Ask your questions: I recommend sitting down with a parent or guardian (or with your senior, if you are the parent!), and making a list together of any concerns you may have about your shoot. Please ask things like what time you need to be there, how long the shoot will last, what to do in the case of inclement weather, and when you will get your prints or products back…these often pop up along the way, and I love for my seniors and their parents to feel confident that they know what is happening. Confident teens photograph much better! No matter what your worry is, I want to be sure to address it. Be sure to truly ask the hard questions, so you can move forward with ease.
  4. Budget accordingly: When you first contact me, I can help you figure out the total cost for your session fee. You may not know the products you want yet, but we can give you the average investment, or a ballpark figure (obviously, you’ll need to get a more exact number as you choose your products and prints). We recommend saving up for this cost early on, or setting money aside every month, so it’s less of a major purchase when the time comes. I’ve had some clients begin saving their sophomore year of school, which is actually quite smart.
  5. Check out some of our past galleries and senior sessions! You can find these right here on the blog, and it can really help to see some poses, ideas, and inspiration so you can let me know what ones you love. While no two sessions are the same (they are designed according to each senior’s needs), we can incorporate elements that you like or dislike.

Your senior session is YOUR moment! We want to make sure it meets all of your expectations. Feel free to reach out at any time to ask questions or share concerns. We can’t wait to meet you!

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