Why Modern Senior Photography Matters

Why Modern Senior Photography Matters

Graduation day is a big day for everyone involved, but especially so for the senior. The teachers are proud of their students, the parents ecstatic for their children, but it’s the graduate who’s undergoing a life-changing event. They’re stepping out from their youth into adulthood, and venturing forward into a bright future. It’s so exciting! And it’s something that you’ll want to remember years later, in the best way. That’s why senior photography matters so much, because it allows you to remember clearly not just the event, but who you were as a senior. Getting professional photos done means capturing who you really are, and commemorating your accomplishments for many years to come.
Showing off your accomplishments is important. You’ve spent years in school, and have put your sweat and tears (maybe even your blood!) into your studies to get to this point. You deserve a respite from the busyness of life in a photo session dedicated to you. In a photo session with me, it’s all about you, and capturing your spirit in my photos. That hard-working spirit, with a future full of possibilities. Before you step forward towards them, take a breather to look backwards at everything you’ve finished. It’s worth looking at!
Nothing will give you more confidence in yourself than seeing it firsthand. In your senior session, it’s my passion to make you comfortable and give you something to find your confidence in. You’ve probably heard that you’re beautiful, inside and out – I’ll give you the proof of it. You’ll get a whole set of gorgeous pictures that you can look back on in the harder days ahead, and you’ll be reassured of your own inherent value and beauty. You can be confident of those facts, and that’s what modern senior photography offers you. It’s one of the most important things you can own!
Your senior photos aren’t just a gift to you, but they’re one of the most wonderful presents you can give your parents. They love you, guide you, and cheer you on from day one, and when you leave home they’ll support you from afar. They’ve put in a good deal of work over the years as well, and your photos will be just as much a commemoration of their labor as it is yours. They know very well that the work they’ve put in is worth every effort, and a beautiful set of photos of their beloved child is worth its weight in gold and more.
As much as your senior session will be one devoted to your accomplishments and confidence, it’s more so about your legacy. The story that you’re writing each day you live your life, the one that’s worth sharing with everybody. That’s the legacy that’s captured in your session, and it’s the header for the new chapter that you’ll be writing after high school. As time goes on, you’ll have many more chapters to look back on, and the one you’re in right now is a precious one. Capture it well, and you’ll remember every wonderful little detail.
Senior photography is so important. It matters because of what you’ve done, what you deserve, and most of all, who you are. It’s worth so much because you are! And it’s my passion to give you a session that shows you that value, and give you the proof of it to keep for life. Contact me here to book your session!

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