Jonathan + Melissa | Engaged

At the end of our family vacation, we made a quick dash to Little Rock, Arkansas for my mother in law’s 80th surprise birthday party. Before the party, I was able to shoot bridal portraits for our niece, Melissa. After the party, we braved cold winds to celebrate the engagement of Jonathan and Melissa with a fun session!

With a September wedding on the books, these two are in the final stages of one season and on the brink of another! Jonathan is in the police academy in Little Rock and Melissa graduates very soon from Dental Hygiene School.  We have watched her grow into an amazing young woman and Jonathan is such a great addition to our family. He has been an anchor for Melissa through life’s trials and we know he will honor and cherish her for the rest of his days.

You don’t need to be around these two for long to see they are made for one another. It blessed me so much to experience how happy they are together. Jonathan knew exactly how to make his bride at ease as I captured the true joy of who they are. I watched them laughed and enjoy being together despite the cold! They adore one another and everyone of their images is proof.

Jonathan and Melissa- I am honored to shoot your wedding in September! Thank you for trusting me and for braving the cold and wind in a skirt! We are so proud of you both. Your love for one another is a gift, may the Lord bless you as your gift grows in your new season of life. We love you both!




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