5 tips to rock your family session with teens

Spring is in the air and the Smith family was on point with their portrait session! When our children are young, portrait sessions can be challenging trying to wrangle kiddos and keep their outfits clean! However, when you have teenagers, it can present  a new set of challenges. I decided that the Smith family was such a delight to work with, they deserve kudos for rocking their family session with two teens.



1. Wardrobe

Spring is a great time for family portraits and Mama Smith did a fantastic job coordinating her family’s spring portrait wardrobe.  The bright colors, mixed with navy added the perfect amount of color to pop off the green backdrop in the outdoor setting.  Choosing colors your family looks great in is a must! It’s not an easy job to coordinate multiple outfits but necessary for a great portrait. If you find yourself needing help in this area, ask your photographer for ideas and recommendations! I can already hear a mama saying, “My teen would never let me choose their outfit!” Get them involved in the wardrobe selection. Our family makes it a fun outing for an afternoon. Rewarding with food or something fun afterwards goes a long way with teenagers!


2. Creating Connection

Creating a connection during the session will make all the difference in making beautiful portraits you will want to hang in your home. I prep my clients before hand, letting them know that connection is the goal and how we are going to create that connection. With teens, they can be at that awkward stage where touching others isn’t really their thing. Giving the hands something to do is key!


3. Individual Headshots

Selfies have their place in society but nothing compares to a fantastic headshot. Take time to get some individual shots of your teen. They love sharing on social media + you don’t have to buy the cheesy school pictures = WIN-WIN! You hired this amazing photographer, you might as well get the most out of it! You will boost your teens confidence when they see great portraits of themselves hanging in your home day after day.




4. Feed them

Make dinner plans for after your session. Your family is all dressed up, they worked up an appetite and should be rewarded for a job well done! I always encourage my clients to go out together after a session. You will feel like a rockstar after your session so don’t let all of your efforts go to the way side. It’s also a great way to push through the last leg if the kids are getting hungry and tired. Knowing there is food after can be just the encouragement your teen needs to finish strong!


5. Have Fun

If fun shows through in portraits, then the same is true for stress. Take time to just relax and enjoy your family. They will be relaxed, you will be relaxed and that is the best way to rock your family session. Teens are great at having fun so why not join them? If at first your silly picture doesn’t work, try it again! Sometimes it can take a little warming up to capture your family being who they are.


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