Growing Families…The Organic Way


There is little that compares to the pride of new parents & grandparents. I was honored to celebrate with the Irwin family this week as Rob and Beth welcomed their sons and wives and three young grandchildren to their home for a weekend of bonding, snuggles, late night feedings, and baby preparations! Mama B managed to pull them together for a long awaited family portrait session.


These big brothers were so sweet with the newbie. Though little Robert Lee was not so sure about the baby sandwich! The oldest brother on the left was so gentle and attentive. Three boys is triple the blessing for this beautiful family.



Of course when times get rough in the photography biz, we bust out the bubbles! They never let us down! It was just what we needed to keep our little guys smiling for the last leg of the session. It took two parents, one aunt, one uncle and one awesome bubble toy to pull this off! Thank you Disney World for making amazing bubble toys.


In a few short weeks, grandson #4 will arrive! It was my second time to photograph Shelly and Chris and these two make it so easy! Their affection for one another is truly genuine.  The excitement in anticipation of baby Irwin’s arrival is evident in the whole family.  It’s good thing Uncle “Cheese” has three nephews to show him the ropes!


Congratulations Irwin family on reaching this precious milestone! May the Lord bless you and keep you in His goodness and love as your family continues to grow.


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