Our Disney Vacation

On Valentine’s Day 2015, Brian and I bit the bullet on a long time dream of booking our family a Disney Cruise for Spring Break 2016. It was our first cruise, our first big vacation of this caliber and we anxiously counted down the days until our voyage! Spring Break finally arrived and we were off with 4 of our kiddos and my nephew!


You would think I would’ve had my camera in tow for the entire thing, but sadly, from a photography point of view, I did not. I really wanted to just be in the moment and enjoy the experience with my family. However, I did manage to bribe the kids just enough to get some shots!  IMG_0116

Our first stop was Disney’s island, Castaway Cay, Bahamas. Oh my sand stars, I could sit on this beach and look at the view for hours! But the big guys wanted to snorkel, the littles had their feel of the sand in the pants, so we split up and I took the little guys back aboard to swim in the pool. REALLY?!?! THE. POOL. Look at this beautiful beach and you want to go to the pool!!??!! You may be able to tell who was done at this point from a quick glance. HA!


The days were packed with tons of fun, and the nights were late! Our 12 yr old enjoyed the freedom of checking himself in and out of his cool tween hang out. A couple of late nights left him a little worn out but he had a blast playing hide and go seek with his buddies he made on the ship. Basketball, video games and pizza….lots and lots of pizza were the highlight of his time on the ship.


Dining was one of my favorite experiences! (I only gained one pound!) Only by God’s grace because the food was amazing. This was Pirate night! We arrived in our room after a day of fun to find the kiddos pirate gear laid out on our bed by our amazing room host. All I want to know is, how can I get a room host for at home? This person was a mama’s best friend. He turned down the beds each evening, left me the schedule for the next day with chocolate, made up the beds in the morning, cleaned, tidied up the room……I’m telling you….I NEED ONE AT HOME!


We had the same servers all week that took care of us during dinner each evening. They were amazing. This is what you get when you order “nothing” for dessert.


We spent an afternoon in Nassau with a cute dolphin. The kiddos were able to swim with him, feed him and have an experince they will never forget!


Friends, my littles are growing up and I’m so grateful that we took the time to invest in our family for 10 days this year. No phones, no computer, no tv.  I highly recommend Disney Cruise Line to families. We seriously can’t wait to do it again!

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