Hello, Bluebonnets!

I love SPRING! I know, it isn’t officially spring yet, however, the trees are blooming, color is showing up more and more and soon, we will welcome our beloved Texas wildflowers! I’ve seen little patches popping up here and there! It makes me so happy!!!


In Texas, we love our Bluebonnets like we love our BBQ and Bluebell! There is just something about these beautiful wildflowers. Come April, you can take a short drive outside of Austin into the outskirts of the Hill Country and find fields blanketed in these little blue wonders. Last spring, I had the honor of sharing in the Bluebonnet fun with this sweet family!


At 18 months, the fun was about sharing with her sister, but quickly turned to, “What is in my hair?” It was such a fun adventure for my little 3 year old friend. We searched for lady bugs and examined dozens of Bluebonnets to find the most beautiful one.


We did our best to stay on the path other eager photo seekers had already paved for us, careful not plow over any more than necessary.


After finding the perfect one, at last, it was time for her special photo with her Bluebonnet. Mom was so thrilled over how great her family session turned out, and so was I. Did we do our best to get our picture perfect shots? We sure did! However, the magic happened when we let the kiddos take the lead, and encouraged them to just be who they are as an 18 month old, a 3 year old and as a family.




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