5 Tips for Amazing Senior Portraits

Senior year is full of many “lasts”: last year of high school, last year to live at home, last year of school food! But for many high school seniors, it’s the first time to have a portrait session all about you. It can be exciting, fun and scary!!! Allow me to share 5 tips to make your senior portraits an amazing experience for you.

Tip #1   Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

In my experience as a senior photographer in Austin, TX, I’ve had seniors show up to their session late and unprepared. They are frazzled, clothes wrinkled, and it shows in their portraits. Allow yourself extra time. Look up directions to the location the night before so you know where you are going and how long it takes to get there. Don’t forget to account for traffic! Wrinkled clothes look awful in portraits. Press your clothes or take them to the dry cleaners. I know I sound like a mom, but drink plenty of water the day before. It will give your skin an extra glow!


Tip #2   Fall, Spring or Summer

In Austin, you can pretty much forget about senior portraits in late July and August! There is nothing that can ruin flawless make-up and perfect hair like humidity and heat! Fall and spring are your best bet! My personal favorite is the spring. The trees are such a vibrant green, colorful flowers blooming and the temperatures in spring are ideal for an amazing portrait session.


Tip #3   Wardrobe

Invest in 2-3 new outfits that you feel and look fabulous in! Not what looks cute on your friend, but items that look amazing on you! We all have different body types and it’s important that you know what compliments yours. Avoid anything too short, too low cut and too tight. Classy and trendy can go hand and hand. I always advise my clients to pick at least one outfit that is the very best color for your eyes, skin and hair. I’m one of those that can’t wear yellow, but I rock green! It makes my green eyes pop where yellow washes me out. Not sure what color is best on you? Ask your BFF, other people can always tell you what looks great on you!


Tip #4   Invest in Yourself

Senior portraits are a once in a life time occasion. You will never again graduate from high school. This is why investing in printed portraits of yourself is must-do! Years after the experience is over, you will look back at that beautiful portrait and you’ll be proud of who you are and how far you have come. Senior portraits are a treasure to mom and dad, especially in your first year of college. No one frames a CD full of digital images that are long forgotten about or misplaced. Printed portraits last for a life time. Second, invest in a professional hair and makeup artist for your senior portrait session. You will feel like a rockstar after having your hair done, skin glowing and looking your best!



Tip #5   Relax and Have Fun

Getting in front of the camera can make us feel uneasy. The best advice is to relax and be yourself! That’s who your parents want to see in your beautiful images. Not a stiff, uncomfortable version of you, but the fun loving, carefree, beautiful person they have watch grow into a young adult. Be expressive through accessories, your wardrobe, location, and when all else fails, play your favorite playlist!  This is one of the great advantages to having a consultation with your photographer prior to your shoot. You’ll get the initial meeting out of the way and you can tell if you’re a right fit for one another. Your photographer should help bring out the best in you and it will show in your images!



With so much pressure in your senior year of high school, your portraits should be a time you look forward to, not one more item to do on the ever growing list! Take time to enjoy your achievements and the process, one day you will look back and wish you had done just that. ~ Crystal




One thought on “5 Tips for Amazing Senior Portraits

  1. Candace Jennings says:

    I would have never thought about these things. It’s not hard to tell how thoughtful you are too make every session special!


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