Hello! Wow….I must say, I’ve mulled over this day for years, literally. It’s been suggested to me on more than one occasion that I should start a blog, and now that it’s here, it’s terrifying! Kinda like this crazy idea I had 3 years ago to pursue my love of photography which grew into a dream, and a dream turned into a business. And now I find myself in a familiar place, the big, scary, FIRST STEP!


What on earth could I possibly blog about on my very first blog attempt, EVER?!?!? The answer was simple, share my heart. These guys are my heart. They are the reason I fell in love with photography to begin with. I wanted to memorize their sweet faces as newborns. Their fingers, toes and every little detail about them. We were the family at the department store every few months to get our Easter pictures, 6 month milestone, and of course our Christmas portraits! One year we took our daughter to get her picture made in her kitty Halloween costume! I’m telling you, this mama loves her pictures! As I watch them grow up faster than I would like, these pictures are priceless to me.


Fast forward a few years, and here we are! I’m in my third year of business, with 5 kiddos and one amazing husband that has cheered me the whole way! My crazy dream keeps growing and so is my love for this business.  So why post my family’s vacation to Destin, FL this last summer as my first post? Because it represents the heart of Crystal Hudson Photography.  With my oldest entering her senior year soon and my youngest beginning kinder, I see how fast they go from being an innocent 5 yr old to an independent 17 yr old. 6

We live near Austin, TX and the Texas beaches aren’t much to desire for. (In my native Texan opinion.) Sorry, not trying to offend anyone, but I was born here and I can say that. I let my husband know we needed a pretty beach with real sand for our family vacation and Destin did not disappoint! We braved the 4th of July crowds and traffic for 2 fun days of sand, surf and sunshine!


13 hours in the car with this crew is not a vacation, however, to see the joy on these faces as they played,  was worth every hour I listened to “Are we in Florida?” from our 4 year old. I love to capture joy, moments we don’t want to forget and hold onto who they are today.2

Some of us did all the driving and all the work to get us set up on the beach before sunrise to make sure we had a great spot to celebrate the 4th of July properly!!!



We played, we ate Oreos on the beach, we made sandcastles, washed unGodly amounts of sand out of our swimsuit bottoms and brought back some of that amazing sand in our car that will forever be ingrained in my carpets…..and I’d do it all over again. BEST.DAY.EVER.


So that’s me…..I’m Crystal Hudson,  wife, mom, lover of Jesus and I finally have the confidence in myself to say I’m a photographer. If you made it this far, thanks for reading!!!

5 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Dale Gates says:

    What a long ways you have come, from the young woman I first met. You would never have written anything about yourself back then! So very proud of the loving, caring, strong, Jesus follower, beautiful woman you have become!

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